VMSG runs and supports many scientific events throughout the year. One of the highlights of the calendar is the Annual VMSG meeting, held at a different UK academic institution each year. These meetings are extremely well attended by 200+ delegates, with presentations on the latest research delivered over 3 days.

VMSG 2020

VMSG 2020 was in Plymouth, 7-9 January 2020.

Keynote speakers included:
VMSG award winner Professor David Pyle, Oxford University
Professor Kathy Cashman, University of Bristol: ‘From magma storage to eruption: New questions for a new decade’
Dr Mike Cassidy, University of Oxford: ‘Explosive or Effusive? Investigating the controls of volcano eruptive style’
Dr Johan Lissenberg, University of Cardiff: ‘Magma processing in the lower oceanic crust’
Professor Costanza Bonadonna: ‘Integrating hazard, exposure and vulnerability for risk assessment and management: the case study of Vulcano island, Italy’

VMSG 2020 and beyond

If you would like to host a VMSG annual meeting in the future please contact the VMSG Secretary for more information. You can also consult our guidelines for local organising committees.

Past Meetings

2020: Plymouth
St Andrews
2018: Leeds
2017: Liverpool
2016: Dublin
2015: Norwich
2014: Edinburgh
2013: Bristol
2012: Durham
2011: Cambridge
2010: Glasgow
2009: Bournemouth
2008: Dublin
2007: Oxford
2006: Leeds
2005: Milton Keynes
2004: Bath
2003: Edinburgh
2002: London
2001: Durham