VMSG runs and supports many scientific events throughout the year. One of the highlights of the calendar is the Annual VMSG meeting, hosted by a different UK academic institution each year. These meetings are extremely well attended by 200+ delegates, with presentations on the latest research delivered over 3 days.

VMSG 2022

VMSG 2022, January 10th – 12th, will be a virtual event in response to the continuing uncertainty around the COVID-19 pandemic. The virtual meeting is being organised by the University of Manchester, and hosted online by the Geological Society of London. You can find full details online. Abstract submissions are welcomed on any aspect of volcanism and magmatism, from mantle heterogeneity to magma dynamics, gas emissions, hazard management and planetary volcanism, with a deadline of November 30th.

VMSG 2023 and beyond

If you would like to host a VMSG annual meeting in the future please contact the VMSG Secretary for more information. You can also consult our guidelines for local organising committees.

Past Meetings

2021: Virtual conference
St Andrews
2018: Leeds
2017: Liverpool
2016: Dublin
2015: Norwich
2014: Edinburgh
2013: Bristol
2012: Durham
2011: Cambridge
2010: Glasgow
2009: Bournemouth
2008: Dublin
2007: Oxford
2006: Leeds
2005: Milton Keynes
2004: Bath
2003: Edinburgh
2002: London
2001: Durham