The Volcanic and Magmatic Studies Group aims to facilitate discussion, in an inclusive environment, amongst researchers with interests in volcanology, igneous petrology, geochemistry and allied fields. We hold a large annual winter meeting, workshops and field trips, and keep in regular contact with the community via social media and a newsletter. Recent news and events are also posted below.

Recent News and Events

VMSG Implements New Code Of Conduct (25/04/2020)

We have announced a new Code of Conduct, to specify expected behaviour and our continued commitment to involving the whole community in all of our events.

VMSG 2021 Meeting Location Announced (17/01/2020)

VMSG 2021 will be held in Manchester, and hosted by the University of Manchester petrology and volcanology group.

New VMSG Instagram Account (22/10/2019)

You can now follow VMSG on Instagram for recent news and events combined with beautiful volcanic and magmatic imagery.

VMSG Announces New Equality & Diversity Statement (15/10/2019)

We have announced a new ‘inclusivity’ statement, to emphasize our commitment to involving the whole community in all of our events.

How do #lava flows interact with trees in a rainforest? Our new #openaccess @FrontEarthSci paper (Jonas Biren et al) uses a spectacular tree mould in #Kilauea's 2014 Pāhoa Lava Flow to investigate. Punchline: wet wood extracts huge amount of heat from lava


🚨Virtual panel alert 🌋

On Thursday 2 July 4 PM UTC we'll talk
"Working at #volcano #observatories"
Part II - Africa, the Caribbean, Europe

Part I was fun, join us again! Pre-register for the Zoom session here:

New role📢. We're delighted to announce that Jenni Barclay @VolcanoJenni will be taking on a new role as VMSG's Committee’s Outreach and Public Engagement Officer!

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