The Volcanic and Magmatic Studies Group aims to facilitate discussion, in an inclusive environment, amongst researchers with interests in volcanology, igneous petrology, geochemistry and allied fields. We hold a large annual winter meeting, workshops and field trips, and keep in regular contact with the community via social media and a newsletter. Recent news and events are also posted below.

Recent News and Events

VMSG 2021 To Go Virtual #vVMSG21 (05/10/2021)

In response to the uncertainty caused by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the VMSG 2021 annual meeting is going virtual. It will be held on the afternoons of the 6th, 7th and 8th January in 2021. It will be a little different, but there will be talks, a fieldtrip, a workshop and a social. The VMSG committee will help run the event, which will be hosted by the GeolSoc, but we would love to hear the input of our community too! If you have any suggestions on format, likes or dislikes from other virtual conferences, or session suggestions, please contact us. #vVMSG21

Results Of VMSG 2020 Members Survey Now Published (04/08/2020)

In January 2020 we conducted an online questionnaire to establish if (and how) VMSG fulfils its mission to serve the volcanology, petrology and geochemistry community. The survey was distributed via the VMSG mailing list, publicised at the VMSG annual meeting and shared over social media. The survey results and associated publication are now available on the EarthArXiv Preprint server.

New VMSG Virtual Event Series Addressing Inequalities In Our Community (08/07/2020)

We will be hosting a series of web-based discussion meetings with panelists to address the inequalities in our community. These will acknowledge: i) the historical construction of inequalities; ii) barriers to inclusion; & iii) a manifesto for moving forward. You can register your interest and find out more online.

VMSG Implements New Code Of Conduct (25/04/2020)

We have announced a new Code of Conduct, to specify expected behaviour and our continued commitment to involving the whole community in all of our events.

VMSG 2021 Meeting Location Announced (17/01/2020)

VMSG 2021 will be held in Manchester, and hosted by the University of Manchester petrology and volcanology group.

New VMSG Instagram Account (22/10/2019)

You can now follow VMSG on Instagram for recent news and events combined with beautiful volcanic and magmatic imagery.

VMSG Announces New Equality & Diversity Statement (15/10/2019)

We have announced a new ‘inclusivity’ statement, to emphasize our commitment to involving the whole community in all of our events.

🌋 New #OA paper in #EPSL 🌋. When and how do fissure eruptions localize? What are the flow patterns within dykes that feed fissures?
We've published our thoughts and findings here 👇
@LivUniEarthSci @DurUniEarthSci

Love #volcanoes? LOVE #LordOfTheRings? Hate misrepresentations of #HazardManagement in the media?
Then I have a gift for you!

After our #LunchtimeLava tomorrow catch the link to my take on the #LOTR movies 👇

@ueaenv @vmsg_uk @EnvEast @NorwichSciFest

PhD projects funded within the ARIES DTP are online on the @RHULEarthSci website, including my project on the deep Earth! Have a look at the funded PhD projects on this page if you are interested in geophysics and Earth Sciences!

Love ignimbrites? Want to know how they form and what that means for understanding volcanic hazards? Check out this PhD with @CatFlows_Hull in @GeologyHull with @DrNatashaDowey @OrbitalPete & me!

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