The Volcanic and Magmatic Studies Group aims to facilitate discussion, in an inclusive environment, amongst researchers with interests in volcanology, igneous petrology, geochemistry and allied fields. We hold a large annual winter meeting, workshops and field trips, and keep in regular contact with the community via social media and a newsletter. Recent news and events are also posted below.

Recent News and Events

Results Of VMSG 2020 Members Survey Now Published (04/08/2020)

In January 2020 we conducted an online questionnaire to establish if (and how) VMSG fulfils its mission to serve the volcanology, petrology and geochemistry community. The survey was distributed via the VMSG mailing list, publicised at the VMSG annual meeting and shared over social media. The survey results and associated publication are now available on the EarthArXiv Preprint server.

New VMSG Virtual Event Series Addressing Inequalities In Our Community (08/07/2020)

We will be hosting a series of web-based discussion meetings with panelists to address the inequalities in our community. These will acknowledge: i) the historical construction of inequalities; ii) barriers to inclusion; & iii) a manifesto for moving forward. You can register your interest and find out more online.

VMSG Implements New Code Of Conduct (25/04/2020)

We have announced a new Code of Conduct, to specify expected behaviour and our continued commitment to involving the whole community in all of our events.

VMSG 2021 Meeting Location Announced (17/01/2020)

VMSG 2021 will be held in Manchester, and hosted by the University of Manchester petrology and volcanology group.

New VMSG Instagram Account (22/10/2019)

You can now follow VMSG on Instagram for recent news and events combined with beautiful volcanic and magmatic imagery.

VMSG Announces New Equality & Diversity Statement (15/10/2019)

We have announced a new ‘inclusivity’ statement, to emphasize our commitment to involving the whole community in all of our events.

Very happy to see the fruits of the huge collaborative effort led by the great @K_J_Dobson - in-situ XCT imaging of evolving #magmas during #deformation out now in frontiers!

👏🏼👏🏼 This is great news coming out of @CornishLithium - "globally significant" levels of #Lithium in #geothermal waters from @uniteddownsgeo! Another step towards possible commercial Li production in #Cornwall for the global #EnergyTransition

Cornwall&IoS LEP@LEPCornwall_IoS

There are ‘globally significant’ lithium grades in geothermal waters in Cornwall, says @CornishLithium The LEP is supporting a pilot lithium extraction plant at United Downs using part of our Getting Building Fund allocation from Government

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