The Volcanic and Magmatic Studies Group aims to facilitate discussion, in an inclusive environment, amongst researchers with interests in volcanology, igneous petrology, geochemistry and allied fields. We hold a large annual winter meeting, workshops and field trips, and keep in regular contact with the community via social media and a newsletter. Recent news and events are also posted below.

Recent News and Events

VMSG Student Bursary Winners (02/02/2021)

The recent round of student bursary winners have been announced. Congratulations to Amy Peach (Plymouth University) who has been funded for fieldwork in St Kitts & Nevis, and to Jenny Schauroth (University of Liverpool) who has been funded for support to attend EGU-2021.

New VMSG Discord Server (11/01/2021)

We are launching a VMSG discussion channel on Discord, both in support of this years virtual VMSG conference, and to provide a long-term opportunity for closer communication across the VMSG community. Discord enables both live and asynchronous text chat, as well as voice and video conferencing. This is a free service, and we hope it will develop into a long-term part of how members of our community can communicate with one another. You can join the Discord community here.

3rd VMSG Inequality Discussion Panel Event (07/12/2020)

In the summer we committed to 3 discussion panels to address the inequalities to our community. Our final panel: ‘All I want for Christmas is some action on diversity within Geosciences‘ will be held on the Friday 18th December at 11am. You can register online. We’ve listened & collated community & panel suggestions, and have come up with potential actions to improve the inequalities in our community. In this panel, you’ll have an opportunity to feed into these actions, as well as discussing how we can lobby partner and funding bodies.

Opportunity To Join The VMSG Committee (20/11/2020)

We are now accepting applications for the following vacancies to join the VMSG Committee: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Officer; Early Career Representative; Social Media and Communications; Newsletter Editor. The term of each appointment will be for 3 years and will start January 2021. Contact the VMSG secretary for more information.

VMSG Related PhD Projects For 2021 Entry (18/11/2020)

The annual compilation of VMSG related PhD projects has been compiled by our student reps, Jess and Emma. You can find the list on this webpage.

Registration & Abstract Submission Open For Virtual VMSG 2021 (10/11/2020)

The 2021 annual meeting of the VMSG will be virtual, for the first time ever (6-8 Jan). The conference webpage is being hosted by the GeolSoc, and contains information about registration and abstract submission. The abstract submission deadline is November 30th. We look forward to seeing you there! #vVMSG21

Announcement of New VMSG Student Rep (10/11/2020)

The new Volcanic and Magmatic Studies Group Postgraduate Student Representative to join the VMSG Committee has been confirmed as Emma Watts. Emma will work closely with existing Student Rep Jessica to represent the voice of the VMSG student community.

Election for VMSG Student Rep (30/10/2020)

The Volcanic and Magmatic Studies Group are recruiting a new Postgraduate Student Representative to join the VMSG Committee. More than one applicant has applied for the position and so this requires a vote by members of the VMSG community (self identifying) to elect their chosen candidate to the committee. Please carefully read the supporting statements provided by each applicant and review the β€˜Understanding Unconscious Bias’ video by the Royal Society before placing your vote. Make sure your vote is counted! Voting closes 5pm GMT on Friday 6th November!

VMSG 2021 To Go Virtual #vVMSG21 (05/10/2020)

In response to the uncertainty caused by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the VMSG 2021 annual meeting is going virtual. It will be held on the afternoons of the 6th, 7th and 8th January in 2021. It will be a little different, but there will be talks, a fieldtrip, a workshop and a social. The VMSG committee will help run the event, which will be hosted by the GeolSoc, but we would love to hear the input of our community too! If you have any suggestions on format, likes or dislikes from other virtual conferences, or session suggestions, please contact us. #vVMSG21

Results Of VMSG 2020 Members Survey Now Published (04/08/2020)

In January 2020 we conducted an online questionnaire to establish if (and how) VMSG fulfils its mission to serve the volcanology, petrology and geochemistry community. The survey was distributed via the VMSG mailing list, publicised at the VMSG annual meeting and shared over social media. The survey results and associated publication are now available on the EarthArXiv Preprint server.

New VMSG Virtual Event Series Addressing Inequalities In Our Community (08/07/2020)

We will be hosting a series of web-based discussion meetings with panelists to address the inequalities in our community. These will acknowledge: i) the historical construction of inequalities; ii) barriers to inclusion; & iii) a manifesto for moving forward. You can register your interest and find out more online.

VMSG Implements New Code Of Conduct (25/04/2020)

We have announced a new Code of Conduct, to specify expected behaviour and our continued commitment to involving the whole community in all of our events.

VMSG 2021 Meeting Location Announced (17/01/2020)

VMSG 2021 will be held in Manchester, and hosted by the University of Manchester petrology and volcanology group.

New VMSG Instagram Account (22/10/2019)

You can now follow VMSG on Instagram for recent news and events combined with beautiful volcanic and magmatic imagery.

VMSG Announces New Equality & Diversity Statement (15/10/2019)

We have announced a new ‘inclusivity’ statement, to emphasize our commitment to involving the whole community in all of our events.

🚨 VMSG student bursaries open for applications! Up to Β£500 to support fieldwork or conference/workshop attendance (incl. virtual πŸ’»). Deadline 1st Dec. More details here

Imponente aspecto de la erupciΓ³n a las 20:50 hora canaria en la zona de Tacande / Breathtaking view of the eruption at 20:50 Canarian time in the vicinity of Tacande

Two opportunities to join the VMSG Committee!
πŸ’» Webmaster
πŸŒ‹πŸ“’ Outreach & Public Engagement
Both roles start Jan 2021 and will be for 3 years
Deadline is Friday 29th October
See below for more info on applying πŸ‘‡ and tag anyone you think would be interested in the replies! 1/7

VSMG is looking for a new πŸŽ“ Student Rep πŸŽ“ to serve for 2 years β€Ό
If you’re studying for a Masters or PhD (broadly volcanic or magmatic) then why not apply? πŸŒ‹
More info below – deadline Tuesday 26th Oct
Please tag anyone you think would be interested in the replies! 1/6

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