How to Join VMSG

VMSG does not offer a specific membership scheme, all volcanic and magmatic studies based researchers are welcome to contribute to the community. However, being a member of one of our parent societies offers advantages such as reduced registration rates for the VMSG Annual Meeting and any VMSG run field trips. Student members of the community are also eligible for financial assistance from VMSG to attend conferences or workshops if they are members of one of our parent societies.

VMSG members may want to subscribe to the VMSG e-mail list to be kept up to date with the latest news and advanced notification of VMSG events.

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Being a member of either the Mineralogical Society or the Geological Society can provide useful contacts within the UK Earth Sciences research community, the opportunity to access other special interest groups, and additional research funding opportunities.

To join, follow the links below (external sites) by clicking on the respective logo.