The Henry Emeleus Fieldwork Grant

At its meeting in July 2018, the VMSG Committee agreed to establish a new award, named after C. Henry Emeleus (1930–2017), the internationally renowned igneous petrologist and field geologist. This single award of up to £1000 for fieldwork honours the pioneering work that Henry Emeleus undertook in the Paleogene North Atlantic Igneous Province (primarily Greenland, Ireland and NW Scotland). His highly-respected studies spanned over 60 years and were all underpinned by meticulous field observations.

To be eligible for the award applicants must be UK based, and either:
• registered postgraduate students;
• postdoctoral researchers; or
• university lecturers.

At least 50% of the award should be spent directly on research fieldwork (transport, accommodation and field logistical support).

Preference will be given to:
• applications related to research on the Paleogene North Atlantic Large Igneous Province;
• members of the Geological Society of London and/or Mineralogical Society; and
• researchers with limited field work funds.

Full details are available in the application form.

Past winners:
2020: Rachael Baxter
2019: Craig Magee