The Henry Emeleus Fieldwork Grant


At the July 2018 meeting of the VMSG Committee it was agreed to establish a new award, named after Henry Emeleus (1930–2017), the internationally renowned igneous petrologist and field geologist. This single award of up to £1000 for fieldwork honours the pioneering work that Henry Emeleus undertook in the Paleogene North Atlantic Igneous Province (primarily Greenland, Ireland and NW Scotland). His highly-respected studies spanned more than 60 years and were all underpinned by meticulous field observations.

The award must be spent on research fieldwork (transport, accommodation and/or field logistical support).


To be eligible for the award applicants must be based in the UK or Ireland, and be either:

  • PhD student;
  • Postdoctoral researcher; or
  • University lecturer.


Preference will be given to:

Applications related to research on the Paleogene North Atlantic Large Igneous Province;

Members of one of the VMSG parent societies, the Mineralogical Society or Geological Society of London;

Researchers with limited fieldwork funds.


To apply:

Please fill in this application form, describing the rationale for the proposed fieldwork, the importance of this for your research goals, and how this fund would enable activities that otherwise would not be possible.

Additional papers/materials or incomplete applications will not be considered.

Applications should be sent to the Awards and Bursaries Officer (Emma Nicholson, in time for the deadline of 15th March of each year.


The VMSG committee intends to award this annually but reserves the right to not issue an award in any given year.


Past winners:

2023: Jingle (David) Zhang (Lancaster)

2022: Emily Madoff (St Andrews)

2021: Steven Walker (Edge Hill)

2020: Rachael Baxter (Cambridge)

2019: Craig Magee (Leeds)