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VMSG 60th Anniversary Seminars

As part of the VMSG’s 60th anniversary celebrations in 2024, we will be holding a series of seminars across the UK and Ireland on a range of volcanological topics. These events shall be open to the public, broadcast online, and available to watch on YouTube afterwards.

A provisional list of dates, locations, speakers and topics are given below. These shall be updated with more talks and details throughout the year, so be sure to check back!


Date  Time Location details Speakers Topic
Wednesday 3rd April




Museum Building, Trinity College Dublin

Virtual meeting

Swetha Venugopal (TCD) & Chris Bean (DIAS)


Modern advancements in volcano monitoring – petrological insights and volcano seismology


Wednesday 8th May




Room A15, Bute Building, University of St Andrews

YouTube Recording

Siwan Davies (Swansea)


A little goes a long way: volcanic ash clouds and climate change


Wednesday 8th May




Dept. of Geography, University of Cambridge

YouTube Recording

Dr Blaise Mafuko Nyandwi (Université de Goma, DRC) & Amy Donovan (Cambridge)


How can social sciences be used to explore how communities think and feel about volcanic risk and better inform disaster risk management?


Friday 14th June




Seminar rooms, Dept. of Earth Sciences, University of Oxford

Virtual meeting

Richard Robertson (UWI)


Risky Mountains in Paradise: Navigating the Volcanic Tapestry of Island Life


Thursday 26th September




Nucleus, Kings Buildings, University of Edinburgh




Explosive Volcanism; intrusive processes and explosive eruption dynamics and modelling


Monday 14th October




Aston Webb WG5, University of Birmingham


Steve Jones, Manfredo Capriolo (Birmingham)


Large Igneous Provinces and associated greenhouse gas emissions


Tuesday 12th November 16:00 Kathleen Lonsdale Building, Earth Sciences, UCL

Liz Gaunt (UCL), Phil Benson (Portsmouth)

Experimental Volcanology: Insights into eruption mechanisms from rock physics


We’re very excited to announce that our next annual conference VMSG 2025 will be held in Dublin from the 6th-8th January.

Full information on the VMSG 2025 conference will be provided in due course.

If you would like to host a VMSG annual meeting in the future please contact the VMSG Secretary for more information. You can also consult our guidelines for local organising committees.



If you would like to run a workshop for VMSG or just have an idea for a workshop that you would like someone else to run, we would love to hear from you. Please contact the VMSG Secretary.


Field Trips

VMSG help to run a range of non-profit fieldtrips for the VMSG community. If you would like to run a fieldtrip for VMSG or just have an idea for a trip to a specific location that you would like someone else to run, we would love to hear from you. Please contact the Fieldtrip Secretary.

Exciting plans for the VMSG 60th Anniversary field trip are in motion. The trip will be held in 2023. More information shall be provided when available.


Panel Discussions

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