Constitution of the Volcanic and Magmatic Studies Group

The Volcanic & Magmatic Studies Group was formed on 7 January 1997. This constitution replaces all previous versions and was approved by the Councils of the Geological Society of London and the Mineralogical Society on 28 June 2006 and 15 June 2006, respectively, and adopted at a Special Meeting of the Volcanic & Magmatic Studies Group held on 4 January 2007.


(1) The name of the Group shall be the Joint Geological Society and Mineralogical Society Volcanic & Magmatic Studies Group, to be known as the Volcanic & Magmatic Studies Group.


(2) The purpose of the group shall be to promote and advance the study of physical volcanology, igneous geochemistry and petrology, volcano geophysics and related subjects by:
(a) stimulating a wider interest in volcanology and magmatic processes;
(b) facilitating the exchange of information between members of the Group and with others working in similar fields of interest;
(c) the convening of meetings, workshops, seminars and field visits on themes of interest to Group members;
(d) publication;
(e) encouragement of research, teaching and practical application.


(3) Membership is open to all Fellows of the Geological Society and to Fellows and Members, of the Mineralogical Society and others with a special interest in Volcanic & Magmatic Studies who are approved by the Committee of the Group.


(4) The affairs of the Group shall be managed by a Committee.
(5) The Committee shall consist of ten elected members, one of whom shall be the Chairperson, one the Honorary Secretary and one the Honorary Treasurer. and, ex officio, one member of the Council of the Geological Society, appointed by its Council and the General Secretary of the Mineralogical Society.
(6) The Committee shall have the power by agreement of those present and voting to co-opt for a specified period up to three non-voting members.
(7) The Chair, the Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer shall be deemed the Officers of the Group and shall be the official representatives of the group in all matters pertaining to relations with the parent Societies.
(8) One of the officers or their nominee, who must be a Member of the Mineralogical Society, should sit on the Mineralogical Society Council; this person is expected to be the chair or secretary of the Group or their appointed representative.
(9) The Honorary Treasurer must be a Fellow or Ordinary Member of the Mineralogical Society.
(10) One Officer of the Group or their nominee who must be Fellows of the Geological Society shall represent the Group on the Science Committee of the Geological Society.
(11) The Committee of the Group will also constitute the UK National Committee of the International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth’s Interior (IAVCEI), and the Chairperson shall take on the roles of both UK National Correspondent to IAVCEI and IAVCEI representative on the UK National Committee of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (IUGG).
(12) The officers and ordinary members of the Committee shall be elected by vote at an Annual GeneralMeeting and shall hold office from the end of that Annual General Meeting to the end of the next Annual General Meeting. Each candidate for election shall be nominated and seconded by members of the Group. Nominations should reach the Honorary Secretary by the day previous to the Annual General Meeting. No candidate may be nominated for more that one position on the Committee of the group.
(13) The Chair shall serve for not more than three years in that capacity. The Honorary Secretary and Treasurer shall serve for not more than six years.
(14) Ordinary members of the Committee may not serve for more than three consecutive years but shall be eligible for re-election after a period of one year. At least one ordinary member of the Committee shall normally retire at the Annual General Meeting. Officers become eligible for immediate nomination as ordinary members of the committee upon completion of their term as Officers.
(15) The quorum for a meeting shall be four members, one of whom shall be an Officer of the Group.
(16) Meetings of the Committee shall be summoned by the Secretary at the order of the Chair, or of not fewer than three members of the Committee.

Annual General Meeting

(17) The Annual General Meeting of the group shall normally be held in January or as near to as may be convenient.
(18) Reports on the work, progress and finances of the group shall be submitted in accordance with the annual reporting requirements of the Geological and Mineralogical Societies for their Annual Financial Statements and Reports


(19) The financial affairs of the Group will be the responsibility of the Honorary Treasurer, who will, where necessary consult and be advised by the Treasurers of the Geological Society and the Mineralogical Society.
(20) The Group shall incur no financial obligation chargeable to the Geological Society or Mineralogical Society unless such obligation has been authorised in advance by their respective Councils.
(21) The financial affairs of the group will be administered, audited and reported by the Mineralogical Society as the responsible parent body.


(22) The Group shall not take any action which may conflict with either the terms of the Charter and Bye-Laws of the Geological Society or the Bye-Laws of the Mineralogical Society.
(23) All publicity will describe the Group as a Joint Specialist group of the Geological Society and the Mineralogical Society.

Alterations to the constitution

(24) Alterations to the Constitution may be made only with the approval of the Group (expressed by majority decision at an Annual General Meeting), and of the Councils of both Societies; and shall not become effective until they have received such approval.