VMSG Sponsorship of Conferences & Workshops

VMSG offers monetary contributions to support national and international meetings on volcanic and magmatic themes. These can be organised by any other scientific society or group, but should be open meetings that are of benefit to the VMSG community as a whole.

If you would like VMSG to support your conference/workshop, please contact the VMSG secretary.

Sponsorship applications will be considered ad hoc and at the committee meetings in June and December.

VMSG members who are also members of the Geological Society and/or Mineralogical Society should also consider the funding schemes offered by both societies:

Geological Society Funding   |   Mineralogical Society Funding

In 2020, we sponsored the following events:

Diffusion in Minerals, Rocks and Melts: Potential and Pitfalls” – a two-day virtual meeting hosted by the Mineralogical Society, 26/11/2020-27/11/2020.
Sulfur in the Earth System” – a two-day virtual event hosted by the Geological Society, 16/11/2020-17/11/2020.