The Thermo Fisher VMSG Award

The Thermo Fisher Scientific VMSG Award is bestowed annually on an individual who is deemed to have made a significant contribution to our current understanding of volcanic and magmatic processes.

Such a contribution will most likely be in the form of a paper or series of papers, however other forms of evidence will also be considered – these may be in the form of convening paradigm-changing workshops and/or conferences organised, academic service, public engagement and/or outreach and societal impact.

There is no age or nationality limit and researchers at any stage of their career will be considered. The nominee should ideally be a part of the VMSG community, through participation in VMSG meetings and activities and/or interaction with other VMSG scientists. We particularly encourage nominations for historically under-represented groups. Current VMSG committee members are not eligible for nomination.

The awardee will be invited to deliver the VMSG keynote lecture that year (VMSG meetings are typically held in early January), for which expenses will be provided.

Nominations (via the Nomination Form) should be sent to the VMSG Awards Officer ( by the 6th June 2023.

Nominations should be made by both a proposer, who may be from the same institution as the nominee, and from a seconder, who should be from a different institution. Applications will be scored against the following guidelines.

Nominations will be considered by the VMSG committee, and the award will be bestowed at the annual VMSG meeting in January.

Past winners:

2024: Prof. Clive Oppenheimer (University of Cambridge)
: Prof. Eliza Calder (University of Edinburgh)
: Dr Dan Morgan (University of Leeds)
Prof. Ed Llewellin (University of Durham)
: Prof. David Pyle (University of Oxford)
2019: Dr Marie Edmonds (University of Cambridge)
2018: Dr Hugh Tuffen (University of Lancaster)
2017: Dr Susan Loughlin (British Geological Survey)
2016: Prof. Yan Lavallée (University of Liverpool)
2015: Prof. Jenni Barclay (University of East Anglia)
2014: Prof. Jon Davidson (Durham University)
50th Anniversary Lifetime Achievement Award: Prof. Steve Sparks (University of Bristol)
2013: Dr Mike Branney (University of Leicester)
2012: Prof. John Gamble (University College, Cork)
2011: Prof. Valentin Troll (University of Uppsala)
2010: Dr Stephen Blake (The Open University)
2009: Dr Ken Thomson (University of Birmingham)
2008: Dr Marian Holness (University of Cambridge)