Conference Buddy Scheme

The Volcanic & Magmatic Studies Group (VMSG) recognises that attending science meetings (virtual or in person) can sometimes seem daunting and, in response to a recent request from members of our PhD student and Early Career community, we are now seeking to provide an informal conference buddy scheme.

This scheme is designed to connect students, early career scientists or conference novices with a more-experienced member of the VMSG community, who will aim to act as a friendly point of contact throughout the conference, provide tips presenting and may also help identify appropriate people to network with. The VMSG Buddy Scheme aims to give more experienced members of the community an opportunity to connect with the next generation of scientists, and gain valuable communication and networking skills, while helping the scientific community. So, what’s involved?

VMSG Annual Meeting, Plymouth 2020

As a VMSG Senior Buddy, you might consider the following ways to engage with a VMSG Junior Buddy:

● Introducing your Junior Buddy to other colleagues, e.g. via email;
● Meeting your Junior Buddy again during the conference ice breaker, e.g. via the VMSG Discord channel, to answer any questions or reflect on oral or poster presentations;
● Giving feedback to your Junior Buddy on their oral or poster presentation;
● Discussing ways to become more involved with VMSG and international organisations.

As a VMSG Junior Buddy you might consider the following ways to engage with your Senior Buddy, while respecting the time that your buddy has dedicated for you:

● Approach your Senior Buddy at the conference, there will be dedicated time during the conference ice breaker;
● Discussing any specific objectives of the conference, e.g. sharing science or networking;
● Share any questions or reflections on presentations during the conference with your Senior Buddy.

Matching Buddies

The allocation of VMSG conference buddies will be based on the area of research interest and expertise. Participants will be able to make contact with their conference buddy through the VMSG Discord channel and will need to agree on a date and time to connect. To register for the Buddy Scheme, as either a Senior or Junior Buddy, please complete the following form by Monday 18th December.

After the Registration deadline has passed, and if we were able to create a match, you will receive an email with further information including your buddy’s contact information.