Early Career Research

Zeiss Keynote Award

The Zeiss Postdoctoral Keynote Award may be made annually to the lead author of an outstanding paper on a topic within the VMSG remit, who has also made an exceptional contribution to supporting individuals or the wider research community, or to broader society, commensurate with their career stage.

The Award winner will have the opportunity to present their research as a keynote talk at the next annual VMSG conference.

More information can be found on the Post-doctoral Award page here.


ECR Fellowship Workshop

Writing a fellowship application can be a daunting prospect, especially when it often coincides with finishing up your PhD and a time of high uncertainty. Whether you are early in your PhD and thinking ahead, or already have a postdoc under your belt, we hope this workshop will give you an overview of the opportunities that are out there for you. With this workshop, we will have successful recipients of many of the leading fellowships open to volcanologists, for example NERC Independent Research Fellowships. You will be given an introduction to the various fellowships from people who have been through the process before, as well as an open discussion on best practice and important things to consider across all fellowship schemes. The panel discussion will be an excellent opportunity to ask all the burning questions that you might not have been able to ask before. We hope this will be a great informal networking opportunity for the early career scientists in the VMSG community, as well as removing some of the mystery around the steps towards holding a fellowship.

Slides from the workshop can be downloaded here.