Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity Panel Events 2020

‘Talent is equally distributed, opportunities are not’ 

Wise words from one of our panelists that focuses attention on the increasing recognition of historic entrenched inequities and bias towards underrepresented groups of our society.

For VMSG, this is manifested in the lack of substantive progress towards representation of under-served minorities in the geosciences, and particularly volcanology, over the last few decades, despite the changing demographics of society as a whole.

In response to this and recognising that the opportunity to thrive in our field should be available to all, the VMSG Committee convened three panels in 2020, each with a different focus. These panels provide insights culminating in new actions the VMSG will incorporate into its equality, diversity and inclusion program. Although not as diverse a community as we should be, we collectively recognise that change will not happen without those in the majority also ‘doing the work’ towards that end.

Summaries of the panel events and video recordings can be found below.

Panel 1 – July 20th 2020

Origins: Understanding the impacts of historical inequalities in volcanology and magmatic research

Read the summary and check out the YouTube video recording.

Panel 2 – August 26th 2020

Improving Diversity in the UK now: Changemakers and becoming better allies

Read the summary and check out the YouTube video recording.

Panel 3 – December 18th 2020

All I want for Christmas is some action on diversity in Geoscience

Summary coming soon, and you can check out the YouTube video recording.