VMSG help to run a range of non-profit fieldtrips for the VMSG community. If you would like to run a fieldtrip for VMSG or just have an idea for a trip to a specific location that you would like someone else to run, we would love to hear from you. Please contact the Fieldtrip Secretary.

Past fieldtrips:

2021: Virtual fieldtrip to Mull, Skye and Namibia
Isle of Arran
2017: Isle of Mull
2015: Isle of Rùm
Gran Canaria
2011: The Borrowdale Volcanics
2010: The Irish Palaeogene Igneous Province
2009: The Auvergne
2008: Ardnamurchan
2007: Isle of Rum
2007: Tenerife
2006: Santorini
2003: Iceland