vVMSG 2021

VMSG 2021 was a virtual event in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, held across the afternoons of January 6th – 8th 2021. The VMSG committee acted as the local organising committee, and the virtual meeting was hosted by the GeolSoc via Zoom.

Presentations were split into talks (10 minutes) and flash talks (1 minute) that were pre-recorded, streamed in real time to the conference attendees, and then followed by live Q&A’s. The virtual format enabled us to make a permanent record of some of the talks via the VMSG YouTube channel for those presentations where the author’s opted in to this service. You can see a selection of the talks below with links to playlists for the different science sessions. The abstract volume can be downloaded here.

Award Talks

Ed Llewellin (Durham) – Thermo Fisher VMSG Award

Ailsa Naismith (Bristol) – Willy Aspinall Award

Jamie Farquharson (Miami) – Zeiss Post-doctoral Award

Student Prize Talks

Matthew Varnam (Manchester) – Bob Hunter Prize Winner

Adam Cotterill (UCL) – Geoff Brown Prize Winner

Kirsten Stephens (Penn State) – Bob Hunter Runner-up

Elena Jones (Hull) – Geoff Brown Runner-up

Session Playlists

Reservoir & Emplacement Processes (Day 1 Session 1)

Media, Communication and Society (Day 1 Session 1)

Magmatic processing in sub-volcanic systems (Day 1 Session 2)

Volatiles from the mantle to the atmosphere (Day 2 Session 1)

East African Rift (Day 2 Session 1)

Geophysics & Monitoring (Day 2 Session 2)

Eruptive Processes (Day 3 Session 1)

Volcano magmatism & the environment (Day 3 Session 2)

VMSG Talks

VMSG Annual General Meeting

Origins and Actions: addressing diversity in VMSG Membership