Student Zone

Student Bursaries

VMSG awards bursaries for student researchers from the VMSG community. We run two bursary schemes, one to attend conferences at which the awardees are presenting an oral or poster presentation; and one to support students wishing to attend international technical and field workshops.

The bursary schemes are intended to support students who are active members of the VMSG community. Awards are up to a maximum of £500, with deadlines on the 1st June and 1st December each year.

To apply, please read the eligibility conditions carefully. You can find out more on the Bursaries page.

PhD Opportunities

As an aid to young researchers looking for a PhD opportunity, VMSG compiles a list of volcanic and magmatic related PhD titles available for application in the UK, and sometimes overseas. To view the list, visit the PhD Opportunities page for more information.

If you have a PhD you would like to be included on the list, please contact the student representative.

Student Prizes

The annual VMSG conference encourages contributions from students. To emphasise this, prizes are given out each year for the best oral presentation given by a student (The Bob Hunter Prize) and the best poster presentation by a student (The Geoff Brown Prize).